Lady S

DJ Lady S aka The Arabian Princess

When we look at the short list of female deejays represented in the European music industry, we can definitely include this young and  talented lady, DJ Lady S.

Based in Belgium, Europe, Lady S has been raised by music. She grew up in a house  where the reggae sounds came from the basement, up to the 1st floor where her father played (as a dj) P-funk to soul music to the 2nd floor where her mother used to listen to classic Arabic tunes and finally the 3rd floor where her brother let the Hip-Hop and R&B blast through the speakers.

Strongly influenced by her brother, this lady took over the skills, first by observing, listening, feeling the beat and then gradually taking the first steps of dj-ing. At an early age of 13 she knew entertaining a crowd was her first love and life passion, so a young talented deejay was born.

Known for her pumping R&B and hip-hop sets, tinged with a touch of electro-house, mash ups and B-More Lady S has raised eyebrows, pulses and hands across club floors around the world in her blasting career as a DJ. To her, music is not just about playing the right track but to create a vibe that is infectious, energizing and nothing like clubbers have experienced before. On top of that she sources music beyond traditional avenues endeavoring to seek out a unique sound that marks her and only her!

She believes that the best way to define yourself is to create your own style and that is exactly what she is doing.
With her Arabic roots DJ Lady S is blessed with exotic good looks and an air of confidence. Added to this, is a determination to succeed which has seen her accomplish a high standard of DJing and a solid rep to go with it strong enough to hold her own in this mans world but still putting the F in Feminine.

Today, at the age of 22, she has become the all round entertainer she aspired to be. In today’s music industry DJ Lady S aka The Arabian Princess has become a highly spoken about and well-known phenomenon who possesses the essential quality required in a DJ’s arsenal; the ability to get the dance floor rocking.
Lady S has expanded  beyond European horizons making sure the bookings keep flowing in playing at the most exclusive clubs, opening for the biggest artists national and internationally, all around the world. With places like Mexico, Dubai and Russia just to name a few, and numerous collabo’s with artists and DJ’s, her list keeps growing and she’s getting more requests worldwide by the day.

Wherever and whenever she plays, she delights the senses and leaves a buzzing dance floor always knowing exactly how to get the party started!! She understands that it’s not about rocking the block anymore and is on her way to create a sound with no boarders, sharing her skills and productions with the whole wide world!!!!!

Here’s a short summary of places where DJ Lady S has already played:

  • Belgium: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent,…
  • The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, The Hague,…
  • Germany: Cologne, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf
  • France: Paris, Nice, Cannes, Bordeaux, Perpignan,…
  • Switzerland: Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, …
  • Spain: Barcelona, Alicante, Benidorm, …
  • Italy: Rome
  • Greece: Athenes
  • Russia: Kaliningrad
  • Lithuania 
  • Morocco: Tanger, Marrakesh, Rabat
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • Jordan: Amman
  • USA: Miami, New York, Kansas and Chicago
  • India : New Dehli
  • Reunion Island : Mont-Vert-Les Bas ( Saint-Pierre )

dj-lady-s.backdoorpodcasts.com (podcast)

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