You are responsible for creating a great atmosphere in the room in collaberation with the DJ.
You have no problem with nightshifts and you love to entertain people.
You are completely in your element when you can be creative with the lights and effects.


  • You have at least 3 years’ experience as a LJ.
  • You have the necessary knowledge and skills to work with a vast selection of lighting controllers.
  • You are a reliable person who is committed to a long term partnership with the venue.
  • You speak perfect Dutch.


You radiate authority and know violence is not the way to resolve an incident.
You have the necessary documents and a security badge.
You are responsible for the smooth running of the evening in a safe manner and resolve incidents in a correct but rapid manner .


  • You are able to see problems build up before they actually occur.
  • You have a calm and friendly personality and enjoy teamwork.
  • You speak perfect Dutch and French, English is a plus.


You are responsible for noticing and reporting problems that occur within the club.
You see everything that is going on and can read a situation very quickly.
You often recognise problem situations before they escalate.


  • You speak perfect Dutch and English.
  • You are minimum 25 years of age.
  • You are calm and friendly and you help customers with their questions.


You are a culinary mastermind and are jointly responsible for the smooth running of the kitchen.
You discuss, in conjunction with the chef and management, any necessary adjustments to the menu and in the kitchen .


  • You have enjoyed a culinary education.
  • You have 1 year’s experience (as a kitchen helper)
  • You have at least 5 years’ experience (higher position in the kitchen).
  • You speak perfect Dutch and enjoy teamwork.
  • You are always looking for ways to improve; both yourself and the menu.


You are sociable and kind.
You always work with a smile, even after a heavy night.
Service to the customer is your highest priority and the pursuit for perfection.


  • You are a young, passionate and highly motivated individual.
  • You speak perfect Dutch, other languages are an advantage.
  • You know about the different drinks or are prepared to follow a training session given by us.


You are responsible for serving the customers, so you will always deal with them in a proper yet friendly manner.
You are reliable when it comes to financial matters.
You are sociable, friendly and honest.


  • You are a passionate and driven individual who doesn’t mind working at night.
  • You speak perfect Dutch and have a basic knowledge of a second language (FR or EN).
  • You have the necessary experience in hospitality, you have silver service experience or are prepared to follow a brief training course with us.


You are responsible for proper conduct in the cloakroom.
You take coats and handbags from our visitors and help them in a friendly manner.


  • You are an honest person who doesn’t mind working at night.
  • You always take your job seriously and are highly reliable.
  • You are minimum 18 years of age and speak perfect Dutch, bilingual is an advantage.
  • You have at least one year’s experience as a host/hostess or are prepared to follow a short internal training course with us.


You are responsible for our shop within the club. Here you can buy both gadgets and clothing. Our customers will also come to the shop to create a membership card. The shop will also be a first information point for our visitors.


  • You are a friendly and helpful person.
  • You are reliable and always take your job seriously, you don’t mind working at night.
  • You are minimum 21 years of age and you speak perfect Dutch, with fluent English. French as a third language is an advantage.
  • You already have experience in sales or are prepared to follow a short training course with us.


You are responsible for welcoming the guests.
You collect the entrance fee in a friendly yet correct manner.
You are the first member of staff to enter into contact with the customer.


  • You are kind and understanding. You are always friendly, even after a long night. You are reliable and serious about your job, from start to finish.
  • You are minimum 21 years of age and speak perfect Dutch, with knowledge of an additional language (French, English or German).
  • You already have one year’s experience behind the counter and are prepared to follow a customised training course with us.


You are responsible for the hygiene in and around the toilets.
The hygiene in our club will be of a very high level.
You don’t mind helping a customer if he/she has any questions.


  • You can stand still and are always friendly to the customer.
  • You are honest, sincere and sociable.
  • You are at least 18 years of age with perfect Dutch.
  • You have the necessary knowledge of maintenance products and cleaning materials.
  • Preferably have you a minimum of 1 year’s experience.


You will be responsible for all promotional campaigns outside our club but sometimes we will also have some work for you during our events in the club.
You will be one of the faces of the club.
During promotional campaigns and during activities in the club, you will provide visitors with all the information they need.


  • You are nice and friendly and very sociable.
  • You are minimum 18 years of age with perfect Dutch, you can also make yourself understood in a second language (English, French or German).
  • You already have one year’s experience as a host/hostess.


On opening days you direct people towards the right parking place.
Sometimes you will required to work as a valet.


  • You have a driving license and at least 3 years’ driving experience.
  • You speak Dutch and English, French is a plus.
  • You are minimum 21 years of age.
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