Limo Service

Count on Versuz for your transport!

When partying in Versuz make sure you don’t become a statistic. Drinking and driving is simply not done.

Have you asked your friends who will be the responsible driver but so far nobody has volunteered? No problem, let us arrange your transportation and a driver!

Regardless of your choice you and your friends are free to party the night away with a care! No stress about possible alcohol tests because you are safe. Sounds like a great idea, right?


Cost: € 400 transport + entrance fee for 8 persons.
Excl. membercard (€5), which is optional.

We pick you up, drive you to Versuz and then make sure you get home safely.
On Special Events: package price on request.

Number of km included in the price: 150km (start = Versuz).
We charge 1 euro per additional km. 

More information: www.thevipcompany.be or www.limoline.be
Make you reservation: info@thevipcompany.be or info@limoline.be

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