MC Shurakano

Shurakano was born in Kinshasa, he spent a part of his childhood in Tucson, Arizona. Later he moved in Belgium with his family and start singing with his brother and his sister at the age of 6, His influences at that time were mainly Soul Music, Funk and Disco. Motown, Epic, MCA, Polygram artists were his universe and he bought his first record at the age of 7, that was Funkytown performed by the band Lipps Inc on Casablanca Records. Later he discovered Rap Music and Hip Hop, listening to artist like Kool Moe Dee, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, T Sky Valley, Frankie Smith, Kid Creole, The Fat boys… and Public Enemy’s Yo! Bum Rush the Show changed forever his perception of Hip Hop. Rappin’ at that time was not really mainstream and European Electronic Music was influenced by prophetic artists like Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre…

After several experiences with Funk and Disco Cover Bands he met Kid Crème and fell deep into Deejaying, Jungle Music, Ragga and Drum ‘n’ Bass. Shurakano also led, as a frontman, a Local Funk Metal Hardcore Band called DSV “Da Snake Vibe”, this experience gave him the chance to perform his own repertoire of songs and to learn about stage performances, hosting first part of “Channel Zero” and “PPZ 30″ concerts. All these experiences gave him a 360° view of the available possibilities and opportunities when you hold a mike in your hand. EDM and mainly House Music were yet to come his main universe.

Shurakano started in the EDM business in the early 90’s working for several record labels and clubs in Belgium and performing mainly in Europe: France, UK, Italy, Spain… Song writer and author of multiple European and global dance music hits like “Right on Time” for Syndicate of L.A.W “Doing my own thing” and “Down and under” with Kid Crème, “Trust it” and “Alone” on Junior Jack’s Debut Album, Monako “Shake that Body and “Saxo Anthem” with Sandy Vee and Fred Pellichero, Dj LBR’s “This Party” and “U Got it”…

He’s constantly busy on new tracks and worked with artists like Daddy K, Topazz William L. Wright, Sandy Vee, Shamel S, Frank Degrees, Richard Q, Dj Funkyrickstar, Dj LBR, Jesse Green, Fabrice Mondor, Brown Sugar, The Soundshakers, Fred Pellichero, Tom de Neef, Charles Shillings, Yves V, Dave Lambert, Barry Fore, Stefan K, Dominico, Terry Logist, Juan Pacifico, Milkymates, 2Dirty, Mitomi Tokoto, Norman Doray, Fabio Sampaio, Edmundo Carneiro


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