Peter Luts

“Enjoy the Silence” is his favourite record of all times but don’t be misled by the silence. Peter Luts is anything but silent, something which your dancing feet are bound to appreciate! A lot! You must have danced to his music at one point or another unless you lived on the planet Zorg in the last twenty years.

Few people can rely on such an extensive musical knowledge as Peter. Music in his genes.
He is the brain and driving force behind several world hits, like Lasgo, Ian van Dahl and AnnaGrace and you may have also danced to his club projects such as Groovewatchers, Nu-Gen, Heliac and anything he released under his own name. All this is proof of Peter’s distinguishing talent: a natural knack for knowing what is a hit and sensing what the crowd wants and likes.

A great example of this is Peter’s international hit “The Rain”, which he released in 2010 and which entered the charts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands and even Mexico. Peter’s unique sound has already attracted several world-renowned DJs who have asked him to remix stuff. He has several Dance Awards to his name!

Besides being a leading producer he also became a world-class DJ. He travels around the world and does his best to enchant crowds with his rousing DJ sets. Please believe us when we say that his DJ sets are simply unique. He always goes in search of that magical connection with the crowd and once he has found it, you better look out because you simply can’t ignore the beats.

Peter is a well-known DJ who is in demand, with a weekly radio show on the Belgian national radio broadcaster MNM and his Voyager radio show is broadcast in more than ten countries. He has also played at some of the most exclusive clubs worldwide such as Pacha (Spain), Loft (Paris, France), MAD (Lausanne, Switzerland) and even the prestigious Amnesia club in Miami (US). These days you can find him in the well-known “Versuz” club in Hasselt every week.


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