As a teen Roma loved going out and having fun with his friends. But he soon realised that dancing through the night just wasn’t his thing. Not because he didn’t like it but because he felt an irresistible urge to control and play the crowd.

DJ Roma’s career started out in 2001 at various smaller parties. But it soon became clear that this Antwerp DJ has several remarkable skills. His excellent record choices and exceptional mixing talent were soon noticed.

One year later “FEVER” had a new resident DJ. Every month this trendy Antwerp party on average attracted 2,000 visitors! On New Year’s Eve of 2005 this event even welcomed more than 7,500 visitors with DJ Roma as a permanent guest.

In a nightlife country like Belgium major feats like this soon make the rounds and DJ Roma was frequently asked as a DJ for all kinds of fashion events. Cosi Cosi, Eccentric, and various bookings for hair stylist “De Client”, to name but a few, are events where DJ Roma succeeded in having crowds enjoy unforgettable times. Besides this DJ Roma is often asked to turn fashion stores into pop up clubs on busy days and weekends.

His credibility allowed him to launch his own concept, called “Cafeina”! Every other month he manages to make the Antwerp nightlife scene burn!

  • Resident DJ and founder of Cafeína.
  • Working in the entertainment business for over 18 years.
  • DJ Roma is an independent, emerging DJ/Entertainer in Belgium.
  • Has been hosting his own “Cafeína” Area for over six years at Tomorrowland.
  • Part of the Belgian DJ Team at Tomorrowworld.

No Non-Sense Style, Progressive House, Minimal, Tech House, Electro House & Deep House …
His “No-NonSense” music style is not an ordinary DJ set. 
It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a deliberate choice. 
Peace, Love & R – E – S – P – E – C – T



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