Thierry von der Warth

It’s the year 1995. the birth of Sony Playstation, Kanaal 2(2BE) and eBay but also the year Thierry von der Warth started his first music lessons with a passion for the keyboard. What looked like a normal hobby would turn out to be a firm base for a successful career in music.

Starting at some local parties and pubs, Thierry entered the Topradio DJ contest in 2005 and eventually also won the competition.

This victory was a first big step in his career because it gave him the opportunity to spin the wheels at venues like Peppermill (NL), Nightlife (NL), Karrewiel (BE), Topradio (BE).

Because the life of a DJ is a life on ‘play’ and not ‘pause’, Thierry decided to get a more open-view on the different musical streamings that are playing in the world today. He became known for his eclectic mix mashing skills that would prove it’s use in his own podcast stream.

Together with his mentor and other colleagues, he mastered his skills to a success which led him to have his own residency in one of the most beautiful clubs in Belgium, Le Refuge. This turned out to be a big hit, resulting in a signing with Versuz Essentials. Zuri, Versuz Overtime, KRC Genk Extratime, HitFM podcasts, it was only the beginning!

After a few years being a part of the ‘essentials’ family, Thierry decided it was time to part and take a next step in his career.

He currently is resident in Mondial (NL), Overtime Hasselt, Stella Student Nights and 3sixtyone Events but this is no ending.

Thierry has the talent to adapt to a situation and blend in with the atmosphere that lies in front of him. He gives you the ultimate beats and provides his crowds with that one thing everything wants. one hell of a party!


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