Dj’s are hot stuff nowadays, but few are so versatile like dj Ward. He is known as Belgium’s most talented crossover dj. And there are many magical dj sets to reinforce that status: Studio 54, Tomorrowland, I Love the 90’s, Q Party Tour, JIMfest, Cityparade … television and radio road shows, award shows, clubs, parties, corporate events. No dancefloor is too big or too small for him to handle! Many of his performances are already burned into the collective memory. So watch out, because his dj sets will glue your feet to the dancefloor, all night long!

It’s all about being creative. Ward developed his own particular way of deejaying. He gave the concept of an ‘eclectic all round dj’ a new dimension, he made it into a unique style form.

Thanks to a wide musical knowledge, he has no problem with adjusting himself to different kinds of musical genres or audiences. From parties to festivals, from the popular scene to the alternative scene and even a crossover between the two, Ward’s trademark is his own particular creative way of mixing different kinds of music in an endless fluent wave.

Dj Ward always gives it 100%. He has the unique ability to feel every specific need of an audience, and that’s what makes his dj sets so powerful and extremely uplifting! He’s constantly searching for that special and crazy connection with the crowd. With lightning fast turntable-moves, he takes you on a journey you’ve probably never experienced before. Thrust us if we say that once you are captured in his magical web, it’s difficult to get out of!

We sincerely hope he’ll amaze you soon, on a dancefloor near you!


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